WEDNESDAY CrossFit WOD 3.8.17 – CrossFit Vital
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WEDNESDAY CrossFit WOD 3.8.17


WEDNESDAY CrossFit WOD 3.8.17

ATTENTION! We are going to shift gears for 17.3 and do a little Friday Night Lights.

What does this mean: Instead of doing 17.3 on Saturday we will do it Friday evening. There will be no 5:30 pm class, instead we we will do a 5:30pm athlete brief and heat sign up and be getting under way around 5:45pm.

If you won’t be able to make it on Friday please get with a judge and arrange for an alt day and time. I will have the gym Open on Sunday at 11am to judge 17.3 as well. 

If you are not registered for the open but still want to do the workout at 5:30pm DON’T hesitate to jump in on heat and join the fun!

Looking forward to having everyone there!!

Snatch Progression
2 Rounds
10 OHS (Bar)
10 Good Mornings (Bar)
100 M Sprint

Power Snatch
1 x 5 x 3
*3 Rounds: 5 reps, 1Rep every 10 seconds = 1 Round.
*Rest 2 minutes and increase the weight
*Finish round 3 with the heaviest set of 5 Power Snatches possible.
**12 minutes

3 Rounds for time:

30 Hang Squat Snatches (75 ,55) *Rx+ (95, 65)
30 WallBalls 20/14#

**time cap 15 minutes


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