WEDNESDAY CrossFit WOD 11.14.18 – CrossFit Vital
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WEDNESDAY CrossFit WOD 11.14.18


WEDNESDAY CrossFit WOD 11.14.18

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)
5 Rounds:

1 min. of DBell Bench Press AHAP (Go Heavy for this )
15sec. transition to:
1 min. of Pull-Ups
15sec. transition to:
1 min. of Max Cals on the Bike

Rest 3min.

This is going to be a 30 min. Share benches and get to the next station by that 15sec. mark. Go as hard as you can because a 3 min. rest is coming. Make sure you earned it. Score is combined reps and cals.

RX + Ring / Bar Muscle Ups

Extra Credit work if you have time:

100 Russian Twists with the 40/30lb DB

*Left + Right = 1 rep

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