WEDNESDAY – 4.30.2014 – CrossFit Vital
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WEDNESDAY – 4.30.2014


WEDNESDAY – 4.30.2014


Brian Emmery

5 Rounds
20′ Hand Stand Walk
10 Back Squats 95/135#
5 Wall Jumps

3 Wall Walks

:20 Hand Stand Hold
65/95 Scaled


I want to take a quick second and just say THANK YOU! We have come so far and have accomplished so much and its all due to you, the community. We could spend countless amounts of money on the newest equipment and always be doing  the latest and greatest new programming methods to try and bring people in the doors. But when it comes down to it YOU want to be in an environment with your friends sweating, pushing, and cheering with each other. I can never say this enough you make the experience inside of those walls because it’s your CrossFit Box and please don’t ever forget this. I have been to other boxes and I know some of you have too and what I see is a community that truly revolves around the athlete. Keeping making CFV a place where we have FUN, work hard and change our lives for the better by building a stronger Tulsa. We are working on having a community WOD soon for you to invite someone you know so they can drink the kool aid too.



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