WEDNESDAY – 4.2.2014 -Carla Pruden Athlete Spotlight – – CrossFit Vital
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WEDNESDAY – 4.2.2014 -Carla Pruden Athlete Spotlight –


WEDNESDAY – 4.2.2014 -Carla Pruden Athlete Spotlight –


Carla P

(Sorry I couldn’t find a tire flip pic Carla)

Congrats on your one year anniversary with Vital! Tell us why you decided to try crossfit & why you chose the Vital family.

Thank you!!! I had been doing boot camp and wanted something different. I had tried another box a couple of years before, but didn’t feel right. So I bought the groupon (even though it scared me when I read about Patrick’s military experience in the coaches section). Once I started, I liked the people and how PH warmed us up, taught the WOD moves and stretched us after. Also Patrick was much more of a teddy bear than drill sergeant. J

What were your goals starting out, & what are your goals for this year?
Goals starting out were to do rope climbs-check, to RX WODs-check and do un-banded pull-ups -no check L .
My goals this year were to get double-unders strung together and un-banded pull-ups. Would also like to improve my time overall.

What is your favorite/least favorite movement?
Deadlifts and tire flips are favs!! Posterior chain exercises rock!
Least favorites- it is a tie between any Olympic lift I can’t do because of my back like snatches or anything overhead and running-ugh. Sprints I like though.

You’ve been through some injury but powered through! What is your motivation and advice for other athletes when an obstacle is thrown your way?
Try to find a way to modify the exercises to help you keep coming to the box even if you can’t do WOD as prescribed. I try not to let an injury keep me home on the couch. Even though right now I can’t do anything lower body or anything with impact, I come and create my own modified WOD. Keeps my endorphin and dopamine levels up to do something. Find someone to help you modify so you don’t feel too defeated by an injury. Even some type of exercise is better than nothing.

Do you couple crossfit with a special diet? If so, explain your regime.
I have tried Paleo, Zone and Maximized Living in the last year through Vital challenges, but I Maximized living and clean eating (which I did before crossfit) benefit me the most. Did a whole 30 last year too! I eat 6 small meals a day and have for 4 years. I do food prep for week on Sundays usually and I try to have a protein and complex carb at every meal. Most of the time I limit junk and will have a cheat meal once a week. But sometimes it turns into a cheat weekend J I do believe that nutrition is key to obtaining your fitness and LGN(Thanks Maddy for the acronym) goals. I can tell when I haven’t been eating well because it affects my performance.

Tell us about your favorite box moment.
I have so many! Anytime the rest of the athletes encourage or cheer another athlete on, that makes me happy. I remember that feeling when I did a rope climb the first time and it is so wonderful to feel the support. I would say attending any competition is my second favorite moment. The way we all come together and cheer our athletes on. It is truly like a family. Oh and being called mom… that makes me smile. J

Back Squat
4 Reps @ 80%, 85%, 90% 1RPM

Burpee Box Jump Over 20/24″
Hang Power Clean 105/135#

QUESTION: What would you like to see more of at the Box?

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  1. Mary fencl

    I’d love to learn more mobility.
    Our cool downs sometimes get cut off due to time, so I’dlike to know more about what I can do on my own.

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