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Tulsa Road Message Boards To Show Real-Time Traffic Updates


Tulsa Road Message Boards To Show Real-Time Traffic Updates

Anyone with, or without, a car knows Tulsa’s construction seems to be ever-changing and basically never-ending. Knowing what is currently happening on the highways and roads can give drivers some advantage when it comes to planning your routes to and from work… and of course, the gym!

Starting this week, the Oklahoma Department of Transportation is giving out real-time traffic information on the road through overhead message boards on selected highways. The message boards will display current travel conditions in various highways all throughout Tulsa.

Traffic updates will be shown everyday from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. and from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., with boards being refreshed every two minutes. These are rush hour schedules when ODOT has determined information will be most valuable to commuters.

There will be 18 overhead message boards set to display the traffic updates. Some of these locations will include the Memorial Drive, Will Rogers Turnpike near Catoosa and U.S. 169, Westbound I-44 & 145th E. Ave., Westbound SH-51 & 129th E. Ave., Westbound I-44 & 56th St. West, Eastbound Turner Turnpike in Sapulpa, Eastbound I-244 & Southwest Blvd., Eastbound US-412 & 41st W. Ave., East and westbound I-44 at Memorial Dr., East and westbound I-44 at Harvard Ave., Northbound US-169 & 71st St. South, North and southbound US-169 & Memorial Dr. and North and southbound US-75 & 81st St. South.

So now, traffic is no longer an excuse for not making it to your WOD on time ;)!

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