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Tulsa Children’s Museum Opens “Tinkering” Exhibit


Tulsa Children’s Museum Opens “Tinkering” Exhibit

Tulsa Children’s Museum Opens “Tinkering” Exhibit

If your kids love to experiment, enjoy crafts and projects, then they are going to love the new exhibit at the Tulsa Children’s Museum! The museum is now opening its doors to the “Tinkering” exhibit, an exciting and interactive display of engineering, science and exploration. The knowledge that we can gain from learning how things work can help us develop more creative ideas and appreciate the things around us.

“Tinkering” is an exhibit that lays the foundation of how things work. Visitors can roam around the museum,creating and exploring various concepts, allowing them to learn while having fun. They can take part in engineering something new, reinventing an existing piece and tinkering their way through things. The exhibit will feature painting with light, playing with a Slinky treadmill, designing whimsical paths for marbles to run through tunnels, and even toys with relays and switches. 

Those who want to check out the exhibit can visit the Tulsa Children’s Museum located at 560 N. Maybelle Ave. near Downtown Tulsa. Admission is included in the museums general admission cost, which is $6 for children 2 years and older. The exhibit will be at the museum until October.

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