TUESDAY CrossFit WORKOUT 7.31.18 – CrossFit Vital
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TUESDAY CrossFit WORKOUT 7.31.18


TUESDAY CrossFit WORKOUT 7.31.18

Every 4min. x 5 Rounds:
5 Snatches (Climbing #)
Squat or Power
10 M shuttle Sprint x 15
tThis is sets of 5, so it’s not going to be super heavy. Work on touch and go for as long as possible before you going to singles.


For Time:
Strict  Pull-Ups
Strict HSPUs
*Ideally I would like this to be done in 10-15min, so think about what you need to do to accomplish that. Some options might be:
1.) Kip all of it
2.) 10 Rounds of just 3 reps each to keep you moving
3.) Only kip 1 movement
4.) Start backwards and give yourself a 15min. CAP
Scaling Options
Neg. Pull Ups / Feet Elevated Ring Rows
Modified HSPU / D.Bell Strict Press


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