TUESDAY CrossFit WOD 8.21.18 – CrossFit Vital
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TUESDAY CrossFit WOD 8.21.18


TUESDAY CrossFit WOD 8.21.18

Every 2 Min. x 8 Rounds:
8-10 Toes-To-Bar
2 Power Clean and Jerks (Climbing Weight)

Rest 5 Min.

EMOM x 16min.
Odd: 6 Single Arm DB Push Jerks #70/45
Even: 15 Burpees (Scale if can’t keep up)

*6 each arm. Round 2 is 7 each arm. Round 3 is 8.. And so on… Your score is total push jerks completed.

*If you get to 9 or 10 and you know you can’t do anymore, then stay at that # for the rest of the time. Only advanced people will be able to keep adding reps the whole time.

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