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TUESDAY – 9.16.2014


TUESDAY – 9.16.2014



Strict Press
4 x 5 @70%

CrossFit Main Site 9.9.2014
21 Deadlift 155/225#
400 M Run
18 Deadlift
400 M Run
15 Deadlift
400 M Run
12 Deadlift
400 M Run

L2 135/205
L3 115/185/Scaled

This week we will be highlighting the coaches of CFV. This is a group of individuals who are dedicated to helping you reach your goals in the box. We are here for you so please never hesitate to ask for our help and guidance, you are our priority!

All-American swimmer turned crossfitter. Now I just like to lift heavy for time and make paleo chocolate chip cookies.

-Colby DeWeese-

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