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TUESDAY – 7.5.2016


TUESDAY – 7.5.2016

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. This is going to be a short week, so get to the box and get your workouts in. I know with the heat that is can be tough to get motivated, that’s when you need to remember why you are there. It’s so you can become a fitter and healthier individual. Start to focus on why you are there. Is it to lose weight? Get that six pack? Or just for the love of fitness? Come to the gym with a purpose and ready to work for that purpose. The body or fitness level you want to achieve, ONE won’t happen over night and TWO, is going to take EFFORT on your part. I can’t stress the importance of establishing a routine and then sticking to it. Here are some really small steps you can take to help you.

  • Always have your gym bag packed and ready even if your not going to workout its always ready.
  • Go out and pick up a few new things for the gym ie new pair of shorts, speed rope, maybe even a book on mobility.
  • Tell someone you’ll be there that day.

Working your butt off in the gym tied to a clean smart diet will equal success.  I promise but it takes effort and you the individual has to supply that.

Have a great week and I look forward to seeing everyone!

3 Rounds
6 Light KB Thrusters
12 Sit Ups
100′ Karaoke
100′ Backwards

2 min per round
200 M Run
10 Wall Balls
*Increase wall balls by 2 every round. 12,14,16,18…..
*30 Min time cap

If you fail to finish the run + wall ball in 2 minutes continue working and switch to an air squat until the last person is complete or until the clock hits 20 Min.

Tabata Sit Up

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