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TUESDAY – 3.10.2015


TUESDAY – 3.10.2015



3 Rounds
:30 Mountain Climbers
:30 High Knees (On Rig)
:30 Bear Crawl

15 Min Time Cap
Muscle Up
Strict HSPU`

* 2 Chest to Bar pull ups + 1 Ring Dip = 1 Muscle Up
* 2 Pull Ups + 1 Dip = 1 Muscle Up

3 Rounds
1 Min Russian KB Swings 55/70#
1 Min HR Push Ups
1 Min Sit Ups
1 Min Lunge 35/45#
1 Min Rest

*Score is total # or Reps
CFV, Hope everyone had a great start to their week! We need to address a few things.

First, if you are participating in the Open please do your best to make it in on Saturday @ 10:30am or Sunday @ 2:00pm to be judged. We have set these times aside specifically for judging. If you are not able to make those times please set up a time and day with a judge and do not wait until last minute to “knock it out.”

Second, please wear clean workout shoes and pick up after yourself trash / water bottles / equipment when in the box. We try very hard to maintain the cleanliness of the box, but its difficult to keep up if we are cleaning up after every class. CrossFit Vital is your gym,it belongs to you the member so take pride in that and help keep it clean.

Third, if you did not purchase extra equipment for your use in the box IE: Jump rope, weight lifting belt, wrist wraps, tape…etc, please don’t use someone else’s unless you have permission. There are websites that sell anything and everything under the sun for you to gear up with. is one of the many.

Keep doing what you are doing CFV, you all have done an amazing job at building a lasting community that revolves around fitness, health and friendship. Please don’t stop. Train hard and train smart, and most importantly have some fun when your in the box.


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