THURSDAY CrossFit WOD 1.5.17 – CrossFit Vital
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THURSDAY CrossFit WOD 1.5.17


THURSDAY CrossFit WOD 1.5.17

8 x 1 Struggle Ups
Begin hanging on the bar. Pull yourself up by activating your lats and shoulders as much as you possibly can. Struggle for 5 seconds. At that point, step on a box to do a jumping pull up. Once chin has cleared the bar, perform a slow negative pull up. Slowly lower yourself to full extension. Attempt to do so for a 10 count (10 second lower).

2 Rounds
10 Banded Pull Aparts :02 hold
10 Ground to OH Plate
10 V-Ups

HSPU/Handstand Walk

4 x 2 Wall Walk – If no HSPU at all
4 x 5 HSPU Kipping/Strict – If you have a very very weak HSPU
4 x 10 Shoulder Taps – If you are trying to Handstand Walk
4 x 50′ Handstand Walk – If you have HSPU and Handstand Walk

BIG NOTE: If you are not proficient at HSPU then you shouldn’t be working on walking.

Teams of 2
20 Min AMRAP
60 Cal Row/60 Russian KB Swings 55/35#
50 Cal Row/5 Rope Climbs
40 Cal Row/400″ Farmers Carry 70/55#
30 Cal Row/30 Burpees
20 Cal Row/200 Dubz

*Split work however…..Only one person working at a time.

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