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THURSDAY – 8.4.2016


THURSDAY – 8.4.2016

Member of the Month:
Hannah Irvine
“CrossFit is a community.” This is a saying I often heard but never understood until I joined that community. To me, CrossFit Vital means “Team,” and this was something I was desperately missing in my fitness journey since my college softball career ended. The amount of praise and support I receive from Vital coaches and athletes is incredible. I started CrossFit weak, overweight, and out of shape, but I got just as much encouragement and attention as the elite athletes, even when it took me 15 minutes longer to complete the exact same workout (with only a fraction of the weight). I quickly learned that Vital was a place I could completely and comfortably expose my inadequacies. It doesn’t matter where I am on my journey – still a little out of shape, overweight, and not nearly as strong as I’d like to be, but I am a part of the CrossFit Vital team, which means I’m smashing my goals and thoroughly enjoying cheering others on as they do the same.

CrossFit has changed my life in so many ways, but ultimately it has altered how I view myself. After gaining significant weight during my two pregnancies, I started working towards goals like “fit into pre-pregnancy jeans” or “lose 40 lbs.” Then I started at CrossFit Vital, and my goals slowly turned into things like “get a strict pull up” and “do a rope climb.” I used to work out in an attempt to change my image or look better in a swimsuit, and there is nothing wrong with that, but it didn’t work for me. I found it impossible to self-motivate and my insecurities constantly got in my way. When my focus shifted away from my image and towards strength and health, it was like I discovered what self-confidence was REALLY about for the first time ever. It was no longer about what my body looked like, but instead what it was capable of doing. CrossFit taught me to stop comparing myself to other people because other people aren’t my competition. I am competing against myself, and every workout is a chance to go harder, further, and faster than I did the day before. I now see my body for so much more than just how it looks, and that has certainly been my most gratifying change. And to be completely honest, the day I get to mark “back squat 200 lbs” off of my goal list, it will feel SO much better than fitting back into my pre-pregnancy jeans anyway!

Shoulder Mobility
Snatch Balance

1 Hang Squat Snatch + 1 Squat Snatch
*Build to heavy complex, use same weight for all 5 lifts.

250 M Row
25 Thrusters 45/35#
250 M Row
4 Ropes Climbs
250 M Row
25 Thrusters 45/35#
250 M Row
4 Rope Climbs

Rope Climb Scale – :20 hang from rope

*Hit the gas and don’t stop until your are done!

*Do not drop the empty bars!!!!

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