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SATURDAY – 7.26.2014


SATURDAY – 7.26.2014



Jeanna’s Goodbye WOD 🙁

Deck of Cards
Partner WOD
(I go You go)

Hearts = Deadlifts
Diamonds = Push Press
Clubs = Power Cleans
Spades = Front Squat
Joker = 200 M Partner Run
75/115# for all movements

*All face cards = 10 Reps
**25 Min Time Cap
***If you and your partner make it throught the deck start over!


You are one of the longest standing memebers at the box and we hate to see you leave. A big thank you for always coming in ready to work and making the most out of your time at CFV. You have helped our community grow and prosper and you wont be forgotten. Our door is always open and I fully expect some drop ins when your in Tulsa. Best of luck and wherever you go they are getting one awesome athlete!

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