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SATURDAY – 5.10.2014


SATURDAY – 5.10.2014



Partner WOD

4 Rounds
1 Min for max reps

Partner Box Jumps 20/24″
Partner Plank High Fives
Partner Wall Ball Shots 16/20#
Tire Flips
Jumping Squats
Partner Med Ball Sit Ups 16/20#

Rest 2 Min

**If any athlete wants to join Coach PH and Coach Luke in a HERO WOD here it is and we start  at 11:00!!!!



8 Minutes to complete:
1-mile run
315-lb deadlift, max rep 
Then, 10 minutes to complete:
1-mile run
225-lb power clean, max reps 
Then,12 minutes to complete
1-mile run
135-lb. overhead squats, max reps

Do not rest between rounds. Post run times and reps completed for each exercise to comments.

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