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SATURDAY – 11.01.2014


SATURDAY – 11.01.2014



CFV we are proud to participate in the Kannon Ball WOD for Lennox Gastaut Day.

Kannon Cooper is a 6 year old Tulsan who suffers from a rare form of chilhood – onset epilepsy. This WOD was designed by Jenks Breck Berry and Kannon’s mother Andee Cooper to bring awareness to Lennox Gastaut Foundation and Kannon. Help support these young children and their daily battle.

For more information or to donate please visit:

CrossFit Vital will have two class times @ 9:00 and 10:00 am.

Kannon Ball WOD
11 Box Jumps 20/24″
11 Push Ups

5 Min Rest

Partner WOD
12 Min AMRAP
(Partner A)
12 Sit Ups
12 KB Swings
24 DU’s (48 Singles)

(Partner B)
Cal Row

*One partner starts with swings, sit ups, and DU’s while other partner rows for Cal.

*Once partner A finishes swings, sit ups, and DU’s you switch.

Score will be Cal and Rounds


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