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SATURDAY – 1.24.2015


SATURDAY – 1.24.2015


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Don’t forget about our athletes competing in Fittest in OK 2015 today, Post something on their FB page and pump them up!!!

Good Luck Colby DeWeese, Carter Brashaers , Elly Vosburgh, Alaina Moyer, Haley Sloan, Ronni Malson, Ryan Stack, and Traver Fencl.

Partner WOD
w/a partner
4 Rounds
20 Ball Slams
30 V-Up
30 Burpees
60 Lunge steps w/slam Ball
(Does not have to be overhead)

*One Partner works while the other rests*

**Split the work up between the two however you feel, you must complete on movement before moving to the next.



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