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SATURDAY – 1.11.2014


SATURDAY – 1.11.2014


build a door

Partner WOD

100 Wall Ball Shots 20/16#

100   Hand Release Push Ups

100 Box Jumps

100 Med Ball Sit Ups 20/16#

Here is the catch……One partner works the other partner runs 200 M. Once the partner running the 200 M comes back you switch. Example I doing Wall Ball Shots my partner goes running, I do 15 WB Shots in the amoutn of time it took them to run 200 M. Now I go and run 200 M and my partner picks up where I left off on WB Shots.  You and your partner cannot move on to the next exercise until all reps are completed.




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  1. Kate

    This was brutal!
    Partnered with Jeanna – 28:15 12#med ball for 10ft mark, 18″box jumps (Jeanna did 20″), 16#med ball for situps.

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