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Preparing Yourself to Achieve Your Crossfit Goals


Preparing Yourself to Achieve Your Crossfit Goals

You have that goal in mind. You want to have that perfectly fit body with all the strength and endurance to take on anything. You feel inspired and motivated at first. Then, comes your Crossfit training, and you see the tough journey ahead.

Many people fail to achieve their goals in Crossfit simply because they have the wrong mindset. Crossfit is, no doubt, challenging and can exhaust your physical strength. However, if you can keep your eye on the prize, the end results are breathtaking. Those who have gone through a complete training and seen their goals become a reality can attest to the fact that the hard journey is all worth it.

So, how do you pump yourself up and get in the right mindset to achieve your goals?

  • Be positive. Always have a positive mindset when you start your training and adopt the overall process not only in the gym, but also in your daily lifestyle. Encourage yourself and remind yourself that everything you’re doing is for your own good.
  • Visualize your goals. Establish a clear picture in your head of what it looks like when you have reached your goals. Keep that vision in your mind and always look to that picture when you go through your trainings and if you ever start to have doubts.
  • Get your body ready for sacrifices. There will be a lot of hard work. From the training itself to your choices of food, you will have to commit to certain compromises. Prepare yourself for these actions that can feel like hardships at times. Always remind yourself that the sacrifices will all be worth it when you achieve your goals. Plus, when you consistently eat healthier, you enjoy it more, and it becomes what you crave, making it no longer a “sacrifice”.
  • Create your own support group. Your support group should be comprised of people you trust. Tell your family and close friends about your goals and your reasons for joining Crossfit. They can be your source of strength and positive encouragement whenever you’re going through hard times. Other Crossfit trainers and trainees can also be your support group. Remember, Crossfit is more than just a strength training, it is also a community.
  • Put your goals into writing. Keep the paper where you can physically see it as a reminder to yourself every day. When your goals are in front of your face day in and day out, you will stay motivated. It’s like a personal pep talk.
  • Have a plan. Establish your course of action when it comes to your training and goals. Talk to your coach and work with them, so they will know what you want and can hold you accountable.

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