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MONDAY – 8.18.2014


MONDAY – 8.18.2014




5 X 5 @ 65% of 1 RPM

4 Rounds
500 M Row /400 M Run
5 Power Snatches 105/135#
5 Muscle Ups
*Muscle Up Sub 1C2B + 1 Ring Dip = 1 MU

L2 85/115#
L3 65/95#

CFV, Conquer the Gauntlet is this WEEKEND, so get registered this week!!! It’s going to be a great time, remember we are the 8:15am wave. It will say sold out but don’t worry you can still register. Recruit some friends to run with you and they are more than welcome to use our discount code. I will post the link below to register.

Take today and take action, let me explain. To often we wait until the “perfect moment” to take action.  If you are waiting until the beginning of the new month to clean up the diet, or maybe add 5#’s to the bar, or even get that extra hour of sleep. STOP waiting and do it now. That perfect moment is today, not tomorrow and definitely not next week. Dont fall into the perfect moment trap. Think about where you want to be physically and start making the changes today, you have to make it happen. Live for today and I promise next month you will thank you.

Train hard this week in the box, push yourself and stop holding back. When you want to stop just do one more take a deep breath count 3…2…1…and then get back on it. Have a great Monday and I look forward to seeing you all go at this week head on!


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