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MONDAY – 8.11.2014


MONDAY – 8.11.2014




1 Rep Max Back Squat – 20:00 Min
1 Rep Max Push Press – 15:00 Min
1 Rep Max Deadlift – 20:00 Min

Perform 2-3 warm-up sets for each exercise, and then you have 3 attempts to find your 1 rep max for each lift.
Example: 5-3-2-1-1-1
The total is the weight of all three lifts added up.

*Be ready to work as soon as class starts, you will have to warm up on your own. We need the full hour for this. the 1st five minutes of class will be used to cover the lifts.
*Tuesday will be the makeup day for anyone not able to make it Monday.

CFV total is a great way to track your progress, take each list serious and try your hardest. Don’t be afraid to push yourself in this, let all your hard work speak for itself! Have fun and I know you all will do great. Train hard this week!!








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