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MONDAY – 7.6.2015


MONDAY – 7.6.2015



(Micheal, Dawn, and Ryan finishing up their On Ramp)

400 M Run
20 Slam Balls
20 Squats

5×5 Strict Pull Ups/Ring Rows
5×5 Weighted Strict Pull Ups/Feet Elevated Pull Ups
5×5 Strict Chest to Bar Pull Ups/Negative Pull Ups

Death by  EMOM

14 min cap.
1 Thruster 1 Burpee 65/95#
2 Thruster 2 Burpee
3 Thruster 3 Burpee



*once you fail out of the EMOM continue up the ladder AMRAP style.

*score will be time you fail + rep count.


CFV, welcome to a new week in the box. I hope everyone had an awesome 4th of July weekend.

July is a new month and I want you all to take the time and evaluate how you perform in the box. Sometimes we get caught up in the competition aspect the we start to forget the fitness part of CrossFit. Take this month and focus on a little thing called full range of motion and forget the clock. This is fully extending our arms when doing pull ups, or making our chest touch the ground and locking out in a push up. Think below parallel in our squats and hips and knees full extended at the top. When we don’t perform the movements to a full range of motion, we are missing the mark. You come to CrossFit for your fitness, to become stronger and better. I want you to start thinking about the movements we use as everyday movements. If you pick something up off the ground and put it up over your head, it probably won’t find it home with your knees and arms all half bent right?  It might be a little harder at first but in the ling run it pays off, and if you are every planning to compete full range of motion is a must!  We as coaches try to let you know/ fix a movement when its not right, but its truly up to you to make the change.

Have a great week and don’t forget to say high to the Micheal, Dawn and Ryan, they just completed the On Ramp program last week!


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