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MONDAY – 7.20.2015


MONDAY – 7.20.2015



200 M Run
30 Push Ups
30 Air Squats
200 M Run

– Then-

Snatch Progression

10 Rounds
Every :90 complete
1 Squat Snatch + 2 OHS
*Work up to a heavy 10th round

Wall Balls 16/20#
Pull Ups

Thrusters 75/115#
Pull Ups

*If pull ups are going to be an issue do as many as you can and then scale down.

Modified Pull Ups

Scaled weight

CFV, boy it’s H-O-T out there. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day. This way when you get to the box for your awesome WOD you will be ready to go. We have a few important things to talk about.

First, we are SUPER excited to announce that Alaina Moyer passed her Level 1 CrossFit Certification!!  Alaina is a collegiate rower, coaches youth rowing, and is an accomplished athlete.  We are excited to bring her on board as a new coach.  She will be shadowing in on some of the classes.  She’s just had the most up to date Level 1 certification, so make sure to ask what she learned.

Second,  I want all of you to know that we as coaches are here for you. Our job is to help you, that is what we signed up for. I want you all to make the very best of your time in the box and get all that you can out of the time you spend there.  Ask us questions, bring us your goals so we can find ways together to reach them.  For example, if you are wanting to compete in the near future tell us and we will start judging you to competition standards and giving you tips on how to compete.

We want only the best for you the individual who is at CFV to improve.   Remember you are there for your health and fitness goals above all else. You make the effort to come day in and day out so make the most of it and get all that you can out of it.

Train hard, eat clean, and live big.



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