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MONDAY – 7.13.2015


MONDAY – 7.13.2015


200 M Run
20 Wall Ball
200 M Run

10 Minutes
Squat Therapy
*You will be squatting multiply times and be holding in the bottom so be prepared.

3 Rounds
800 M Run
21 Squats 105/155#

*Weight must come form the ground

CFV, this week we are going back to the basics, we are going to be working very simple movements, so we can fine tune or refresh. Some might think I don’t need this but believe me I have seen in many CrossFit Certification classes everyone needs a little coaching. We strive to be in the best physical shape that we can be, and to do this we need to be performing movements to standard and correction position.

Everyone keep up all the awesome work that you do everyday in the box. You fight the heat, the sore muscles, and keep pushing yourselves to reach the goals you set and the fitness level you want. Thank you for making our box the best and building a community like no other. I truly do feel that we are a family at CFV.

Get to the box this week and make it happen, believe that you can have the body, strength, and fitness level that you want. You just have to work towards it.




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