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MONDAY – 6.8.2015


MONDAY – 6.8.2015



400 M Run
30 Jumping Jacks
20 OHS (PVC)
200 M Run

20 Min to Establish
1 RM Overhead Squat

12 Min AMRAP
21 DU’s
7 Dumbell Thrusters 30/50
7 Burpees

45 Singles
Scaled Weight

CFV, this week and next we will be finding our 1 rep maxes in a couple of lifts. If you can, please try and make these days. We use %’s from these lifts for our strength lifting. Once you establish a 1 rep max don’t forget this number, you will need it again. Write it down. Put it in your phone.

I encourage everyone who is going to be competing in upcoming events to start preparing now. One way to start is to make the competitors class part of your training. We are going to start focusing more on competition prep.  We don’t want our athletes to just be prepared but to succeed.  Beginning next week we will be posting multiple WODs throughout the week and on Sundays on the competitor’s Facebook page. CFV Competitors page. These WODs will be geared towards upcoming events.

Have a great week in the box and be sure to be drinking plenty of water (throughout the day)!!!





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