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MONDAY – 6.15.2015


MONDAY – 6.15.2015



Snatch Progression

20 Min
Est. 1 Rep Max
Squat Snatch

20 OHS 95/135#
4 Rope Climbs
15 OHS
3 Rope Climbs
10 OHS
2 Rope Climbs
1 Rope Climb

As high as possible rope climb

2 Ground to feet = 1 Rope climb

CFV, I want US to grow this box. We have one of the best communities, members, and Boxes in town. We need to be sharing this with everyone. There are a few simple things you can do to help promote your box and get others involved in changing their lives just like you.

First, grab some business cards from the table so when you are talking about CrossFit (we all do it…) you’ll have something to hand to your co-workers, friends and family.

Second, check in on social media when your at the box or tag CFV in your posts.  Show people where you’re getting stronger and healthier.

Third, grab a window sticker (there on the table by the bathrooms) and if you already have one slap that dude on your car!! Thousands of people see you driving everyday.

The fourth and final thing wear your CFV shirts to places other than the box.  I’m not talking out on Friday night but your next run on riverside or that trip to the grocery store. Word of mouth and your testimonies are seriously the main ways we grow.  I’m always amazed at how successful and long term some of our members stick with this healthy lifestyle.

After you’ve done all these things you are going to have so many friends asking you about CFV!!  So next week is “Bring a Friend to the BOX” week.  Don’t worry about a drop in fee.  I’ll either make the WODs easily scalable or will have alternative movements for them all set up.

Have a truly amazing week.



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