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MONDAY – 6.13.16


MONDAY – 6.13.16

CFV, we are going to try a different approach to training this week. We are going do our strength after the WOD. Don’t worry you won’t lose your gains/strength. Many times in own training I have found that strength training has been is more effective after I have done a met-con style workout. Our muscles are fully warmer, looser, and typically have more mobility.

Next, we are going to incorporate some sprinting 2X weekly into our fitness. We are going to repeat this WOD again on July 11th, hopefully all of us will see improvements in our cardio game and endurance.

2 Rounds
10 OHS
15 Push Ups

Snatch Progression (Bar)

3 RFT Rounds
21 Cal Row
15 Pull Ups
9 Power Snatches 95/65#

*You should be going hard on this WOD. We will retest this workout again on Monday July 11th

Back Squat
8 @ 65%
6 @ 75%
4 @ 85%
4 @ 85%
6 @ 75%
8 @ 65%

*Rest as needed between sets


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