MONDAY – 5.23.2016 – CrossFit Vital
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MONDAY – 5.23.2016


MONDAY – 5.23.2016


Had a great vacation and I am ready to get back to the box and see everyone!

Congratulations to Brian and Caitlin Carr on their marriage this past weekend. We are so honored to have you two as a part of the CFV Community and we wish you the very best.

Now down to business. When to scale, when to modify a movement, when to put the gas peddle down, and what is full range of motion.

I know we all want to have RX on the whiteboard next to our names, but that doesn’t happen overnight trust me I have been there. With CrossFit and any other fitness system you must first build a STRONG base to work from. Start by establishing with the weights you can not only move but move EFFICIENTLY. After that starts to become a normal working weight then go up BUT not by 40# try adding 10 – 15# total. When that becomes normal do it again and then again and then again.

The same goes for modifying. Let’s take Pull Ups, start with ring rows. Don’t leave those rings until you are doing the hardest ring row possible and you can crank out 20 of them unbroken. Then it’s on to negatives. A week or two on the rings does not justify “I’ve got this.” You have to build a foundation before you build the mansion.

You should be working hard everyday in the box but I want you to start thinking in terms of how am I going to handle this workout. 3…2…1…GO I go out of the gates bucking. Yes if the workout is Fran no if the workout is a 25 Min AMRAP. Start looking at the workout, know what you can do and then go from there.

Last and I will stop, start working towards full range of motion with ALL MOVEMENTS. This come back to building a strong base, doing arm bends for push ups and half squats doesn’t help you to build the fitness you want. Start doing mobility if you have squat issues. Get an AbMat and make your chest touch with every rep in your push ups. Start progressing and you will master the CrossFits!

Get ready for Memorial Day Murph, we will be doing it on the 30th @ 9:30am. Please come out and support this event. Even if you aren’t ready to do a the full workout come and do a half, or modify it, or do it with a partner.  No one is judging we are there to support you and want you there.
Memorial Day Murph FB Link

200 M Run
20 Air Squats
20 Push Ups
:30 Static Hang

5 x 100 M Sprint
(Stop sign 2 Stop Sign)
Rest is walk back

4 Rounds
30 AbMat Sit Ups
15 KB Front Squats 55/35# (L+R)
12 Strict  Pull Ups

* Scale the weight as needed.

If you are not able to get to depth/proper from SCALE THE WEIGHT!


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