MONDAY – 5.16.16 – CrossFit Vital
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MONDAY – 5.16.16


MONDAY – 5.16.16

CFV, be sure and tell Traver Fencl Congratulations for passing his Level 1 CrossFit Certification! We are very lucky to have the knowledge and experience that Traver brings to our box.

Have a great week in the box work hard and don’t give your coaches to hard of time while I am gone.

5 Strict Press
10 Push Ups
10 Sit Ups

1 x 5 Strict Ring MU – 10 Kipping MU or  Sub 10  Strict Pull Ups + 10  Ring/Matador Dips
1 x 5 Bar Muscle Up – Sub 10  Strict Pull Ups + 10  Matador Dips
1 x 5 Legless Rope Climb – 5 Rope Climbs/5 Attempts
1 x 10 Strict C2B Pull Up – 10 Kipping C2B/10 Kipping Pull Ups
15 Min Time Cap

*Sub for pull ups will be negative PU, jumping PU, and ring rows.

Partner WOD
Native Sons Salt Games WOD #3
“Tons of Fun”
(condensed version)
4:00 Min
ME Hang Power Clean

3:00 Min Rest

4:00 Min
ME Shoulder to Overhead

*Only one person working at a time. Teams will decide bar weight. Bar CANNOT touch the ground 5 Burpee penalty if it does!!!
*Score = Weight X Reps (total amount of weight moved)

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