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MONDAY – 5.12.2014


MONDAY – 5.12.2014



With a continuously running clock
6 Minutes
800 M Run
Max Effort: Front Rack Lunge 105/135
8 Minutes
800 M Run
Max Effort: Push Press 85/115
10 Minutes
800 M Run
Max Effort: Back Squat 65/95

600 M Run

L3 Scaled

May I have a side of Abs
25 Renegade Rows 35/55

As we start to approach the summer season we need to really be increasing our WATER intake. I can promise you one thing the CFV A/C unit won’t be getting installed anytime soon 🙂 We really need to drink plenty of water throughout  the day, it doesn’t help us to pound water 10 Minutes before our WOD. I want you all to be healthy athletes ready to tackle the WOD, and having our bodies hydrated is one of the #1 things we can do.

Take this week and push a little harder, move a little faster and sweat a little more. I want you to be surprised and proud of yourself at what you can do!!! CFV is YOUR  gym and it’s YOUR time there so make the most of it and don’t forget “Tomorrow is built today.”



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