MONDAY – 4.21.2014 – CrossFit Vital
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MONDAY – 4.21.2014


MONDAY – 4.21.2014



3 Rounds
15 Front Squat 75/115#
15 OH Squat
15 Back Squat
3 Rope Climbs

L2 65/95#
L3 85/55/scaled

2 Ground to feet = 1 Rope Climb

Athletes, we have some exciting news. This Sunday the 27th we will be at Guthrie Green for the Tulsa Pulse. This is an event from 10-2 and include free medical testing, health information, health and wellness products and lots of free fitness activities ( ). I encourage all of you to come and check this event out. We will have a CrossFit workout from 12-1 pm. If you have a friend or family who is interested bring them out!! Lets turn this into a community WOD, so get everyone you know excited about health and wellness. This is a great way for you to share your enthusiasm for CrossFit and great health. Also I want to touch base on a few things while I have your attention. The seasons are changing, birds are chirping and it’s time to get with it. We are seeing more and more CrossFit competitions around us and I encourage anyone of you to compete. Competitions are not only reserved for the elite CrossFitter but you had better be ready to work. We host a competitors class every Wednesday @ 6:30PM and Sundays @ 2:00PM, these classes are open to any athlete who is interested in competing. Come try it out and see if its a fit for you and then find the next competition and start training!!! Also follow the competitor’s FB page at
Second let’s focus on on one thing for the rest of April, CONSISTENCY. When we have consistency we just do better period. First when we add consistency to our gym life then the rest of our life tends to follow suit. Focus on getting your WOD schedule down for the week an sticking to it. Take that one nasty little thing out of your diet and stick to it. Instead of just hanging out before the WOD grab the jump rope and practice your double unders everyday. I find 99% of the time when I commit and follow through with consistency it all seems to just be better. Have a great week in the box and crush some WODs. Remember it’s your CrossFit experience and you will only get out of it what you put in it.


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