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MONDAY – 3.7.16


MONDAY – 3.7.16

3 Rounds
10 Push Ups
5 Power Cleans (Bar)
5 Power Snatches
5 Push Press

Split Jerk
5 @ 75%
4 @ 80%
3 @ 85%
2 @ 90%
1  @ 95%

3 Rounds
200 M Run
200 M Run
200 M Run

Round 1 – Power Clean 115/75#
Round 2 – Power Snatch
Round 3 – Push Press

*Go to the next lift after you complete a full round  (12,9,6)

CFV!!! Hey everyone it’s been forever since I wrote anything to the box. First keep killing it with the Open and second get to the box on Thursday nights and watch the open and the throw-down that follows!!! Support your friends and cheer them on.

This Saturday will be our March community wod, soooooo BRING a friend to the box and introduce them to some CrossFit. Be the change in their life .

Last thing our annual Newcomers Open date is set for April 30th. If you have never competed in a CrossFit competition this is the one for you.  Start training hard and be ready to compete.

CFV, keep putting in the time and the effort at the box, and don’t let your fire go out mid week. Fitness is an ongoing pursuit. Just like anything you pursue it needs your attention. One to two times a week in the box will not yield results. Pursue your fitness make it a priority and become healthy, strong individuals that lead from the front.



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