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MONDAY – 2.24.2014


MONDAY – 2.24.2014



(One of CrossFit Vital’s newest athletes Joe, keeping the bar as close as possible during some snatches….Great JOB!!)

16 Hand Release Push Ups
16 Diamond Push Ups
16 Wide Push Ups

Power Clean
3 Reps @ 90%, 95% 100%

21 Wall Ball Shots (2 for 1) 20/16#
30 KB Swings 55/35#
15 Wall Ball Shots (2 for 1)
20 KB Swings
9 Wall Ball Shots (2 for 1)
10 KB Swings

L2 18/14#, 45/25#
L3 16/12#, 35/15#


CFV Athletes I want to address an issue that I have been noticing around the box. LACK OF PVC WORK. I want to tell you all a very quick story, during my level one certification class I asked the question to one of the staff members. “What are some of the best ways to warm up/prepare for lifting?” Answer ” Going over the exact lifting movements your are about to engage in.” This is one of the reason why we use the PVC before we lift, it helps us to round out our warm up. Second, I don’t know about you all but I am not a member of the US Olympic weightlifting team. SO we use the PVC to hammer in the form and muscle memory of the lift, its like studying before the test. Third, it’s how a coach checks his athletes to see what improvements/ adjustments need to be made. Two time Olympic weightlifter Chad Vaughn once stated that “To become proficient in a single lift it takes 10,000 repetitions.” If we bypass the simple stuff like PVC work then the hard stuff is even harder. When we cover our lifts let’s do so with a purpose in mind and not just go through the motions, it could be the one thing holding you back from a PR.

On another note, Newcomers Open is this Saturday!!!! Lets get excited about this. I fully expect everyone to come out and support your community and box. If you are interested in volunteering we could use you, please let us know.

There will be a volunteer meeting and judges meeting this Friday @ 5:45. Judges this will be the time we cover standards and movements so please make this meeting.

Schedule changes for this week
FRIDAY – NO 5:30pm Class
SATURDAY – No Classes


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