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MONDAY – 2-17-2014


MONDAY – 2-17-2014


(Jared getting his chest all the way to the ground nice range of motion)Jared

Bullet Proof Chest
13 Hand Release PU
13 Diamond PU
13 Wide PU

2 Rounds
10 Pistols (5L/5R)
50′ Hand Stand Walk
10 Pistols
*each time athlete falls out of walk it will be a 3 HSPU penalty to be performed at end of walk*

2 Rounds
10 Assisted Pistols
4 Min Hand Stand Hold 30 Sec on 30 Sec Off
10 Assisted Pistols

Death By
Toes 2 Bar
Box Jumps 24/20″

For the first minute athlete performs 1 Toes2Bar and One Box Jump, second minute 2:2, third minute 3:3, fourth Minute 4:4……see how many reps you can perform and minutes you can get too.

When you fail continue working until the last athlete fails out!!!






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