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MONDAY – 12.8.14


MONDAY – 12.8.14


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Please read information at the bottom if you want to start woking on your Pull Ups!!!!

5 x 6 (1 Sec pause at the top)

250 M Row
10 Front Squats 135/225
20 Pull Ups

500 M Row
20 Back Squats 95/135
20 Pull Ups

750 M Row
30 OHS 65/95
20 Pull Ups

Banded Pull Ups

Ring Rows

Who is ready to do some PULL UPS!!  For the rest of the month I am going to post a pull up progression. If you want them here is your chance, if you are going to be doing this progression get to the box  start while the rest of us are warming up.Make sure you warm up briefly for your pull ups and the WOD. Feel free to do this progression after the WOD too! There will not be time for you to do this progression between strength and WOD. You must take the initiative and do this when there is time.

How do I do it? Follow the plan. This is a progression adapted from Chris Stroud’s pull up progression for CrossFit ( – Chris Stroud is a CrossFit Trainer at CrossFit One World in Union City, CA). As previously mentioned, being able to do a pull up can be as challenging mentally as it is physically. Dedicate yourself 100% to each aspect of this challenge for the entire month of Dec, and we guarantee you will see progress!

Details: This challenge will consist of different phases. First you need to test which phase you should begin with. You will follow the plan for that phase until you progress to the next phase or until the month long challenge ends.

NOTE: The shoulder joint is more susceptible to injury when its structures aren’t adequately developed. For this reason, CrossFit Vital coaches highly recommend that athletes NOT attempt kipping pull ups prior to being able to do at least one strict pull up. It takes only 10,000 wrong movements to destroy a joint. For these reasons, proper form, proper strength, and proper mobility and stretching are necessary. Your coaches will always be available to answer any questions on these fronts.

  • Getting better at pull ups is about volume and consistency. Follow the plan as closely as you can.
  • Take care of your hands! Buy a pumice stone or callous shaver and scrub your hands in the shower or under warm water. This will help prevent callous buildup that causes rips and tears.
  • Be sure to complete some sort of warm up before jumping into the exercises.
  • Do not rush trying to get to the next phase. It is a progression that takes time and patience. Trust the process and only move on when you have consistency and confidence with the movements.
  • Complete the mental exercises! Just because you ‘currently struggle’ with pull ups, does not mean that you will struggle forever.

Phase 1

Current Ability: 0 strict pull ups
Goal: 1 strict pull up
Objective: Strengthening muscles involved in completing a pull up. Primarily the lats, biceps, rhomboids, and various muscles in the shoulder.*
How to: Do at least 3-4 workouts a week in rotating order. Move to Phase 2 once
you can complete 3 strict pull ups in 1 minute.
Week 1/3:
Day 1
3 sets of 8-12 banded pull ups. If you can do 12 easily, move to a lighter band. If banded pull ups are too difficult, scale down accordingly to jumping negatives. Jump up to position with chin over the bar and slowly lower to full extension. Step back on box and repeat.


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