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MONDAY – 11.3.2014


MONDAY – 11.3.2014


CONGRATULATIONS COLBY on finishing Ironman Florida! We are so proud of you.

Hang Squat Clean
1 x 5 @ 75%
1 x 5 @ 80%
1 x 5 @ 85% (AMRAP)

4 Rounds
15 Strict Press 65/95#
15 Pull Ups
30 Squats

4 Rounds
15 Strict Press 55/75#
15 Banded Pull Ups
30 Squats

3 Rounds
10 Strict Press 35/55/Scaled
10 Ring Rows
25 Squats

* If you need to use a Med ball to get below parallel for your squats then GET ONE!

If you are planning on doing the 7 week lifting class remember it starts Monday the 3rd @ 5:45 pm and is every M – W – F. The cost of the program is $70 and we can add that to your account or you can pay separate. We modified the time so athletes would be able to lift and then WOD at the 6:30pm class.

CFV!! I hope everyone had an awesome and safe Halloween weekend. Somehow November has sneaked up on us!!! Days are getting shorter and nights longer, and the weather is changing. This time of year can always be a little challenging, it is harder to get out of bed and even harder to get motivated to get to the box.  I was talking to some athletes last week and they had inspired me with their outlook for the next few months. They simple put it that they were going to make the next few months “CrossFit months”.

What a perfect time to put some work in at the box. I want to put a challenge out there to not  seal yourself up in the house and go into hibernation mode, stay active and make these next few months your “CrossFit Months”.  Stay motivated over the next few months and work towards the holidays instead of using them as excuses. Remember, that six pack looks just as good under that sweater as it does in the swim suit!


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