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MONDAY – 11.10.14


MONDAY – 11.10.14


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1 Rep Max
Overhead Squat

3 Rounds
9-6-3 Thrusters 75/115#
45-30-15 DU’s
400 M Run

3 Rounds
9-6-3 Thrusters 65/95#
45-30-15 DU’s
400 M Run

3 Rounds
9-6-3 Thrusters 45/65/Scaled
135-90-45 Singles
200 M Run

*9 Thrusters then 45 DU’s, then 6 Thrusters 30 DU’s, then 3 Thrusters 15 DU’s, then 400 M Run.

CFV, It is looking like this is going to be on e of the last nice days we get! Get to the box enjoy the bay doors being open and fill your lungs with some fresh air.

Athletes, the box needs your help with something. Keeping it clean and neat.
1. Put ALL equipment up and the way you found it when you are finished.
2. Clod and flu is here so please wipe down all equipment when finished.
3. Once you wipe something down put the dirty towel in the basket with all the other dirty towels not back in with the clean ones.
4. Throw your water bottles away when done, and take your half drank ones with you and finish drinking it. Hydration is just as important in the colder months.
5. If you miss the trash can with your three pointer than slam dunk your trash in.
6. Basic sanitary measures for yourself and the box. (If you make a mess clean it)
7. Try and keep chalk in the bucket, your not the only one who needs that piece.

Help us keep the box a clean and welcoming environment, every little bit helps more than you know.

Bring you A game to the box this week, you have to make time to put the time in.

Have a wonderful week ALL!!!


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