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MONDAY – 10.27.2014


MONDAY – 10.27.2014



Front Squat
1 Rep Max

13 Minute AMRAP
3 Snatch Grip Deadlift 75/115#
2 Hang Power Snatch
1 Over Head Squat
30 DU’s (60 Singles)

L2 65/95
L3 Scaled

HEY CFV!!! So we did a little fall cleaning this weekend and came across this gem hahah. Thats right its your coach stuffing his face with no shirt on, and yes that is a bouncy house in the background. Lets just say it was some good times back in the day.

So, you’re probably wondering why I posted this awesome pic. Well, at the time in my minds eye I thought I was carved out of stone, 5 days later when the pic got developed, yes developed. I learned I was actually carved out of jello and this did not sit well with me. If I remember correctly I weighted in at around 212# probably the heaviest I have been. It was after seeing that pic that I started the journey to never look or feel like that again. I changed my diet instantly and began running/swimming/and going to the gym on a REGULAR basis.

3 months of hard work and a solid diet of whole foods I went from 212 jello dude to 180. When you start your journey there will be many things that can and will derail you, but you have to have to say this is important to me. I understand that we all have lives that need to be lived, but take a moment and ask yourself do you really want it and if you do make it happen then?

If you really want it then take it, and stop looking back. Because back there is not forward and forward is the only way to achieve your goals.  I won’t lie it is hard, I have my days when I don’t want to workout and I don’t want to eat on my diet, but then I think about this picture and where I am today. You know that going to the box and eating a healthy diet makes you feel better, have more energy , and improves your overall heath. Remember you’re worth it and so is the outcome.

FRIDAY wear your Halloween  Costume for an awesome WOD at the box!!!

Also, if you’re interested in the CFV Barbell Lifting Club, and didn’t make it to the Q&A on Saturday, please email me with any questions.



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