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MONDAY – 10.13.2014


MONDAY – 10.13.2014



Establish a 1 rep max

1000 M Row
50 Barbell Thrusters 45/35#
30 Pull Ups

*We are going to set this up race style!!!
(we will be going in heats)


CFV!!! How has everyone been!?!?! Great I hope. Let’s talk a little nutrition and why we CrossFit. All to often we fall into the workout to eat trap. I will be the first to admit I have been in that trap, and its a tough one to get out of. I know that for many of us we go to CrossFit thinking that it will cancel out those extra two pieces of pizza, or those fresh baked cookies that we just plowed through. The reality of it is CrossFit is not enough to cancel those things out.

Example Time: 2 slices of pepperoni pizza 260 calories per slice ( I think this is being a little light on the calories too)
For a 130lb person it would take 544 burpees to burn off that lunchtime pizza.  For a 180lb person 364 burpees.
Burpee Equivalents List

This little example should be a little light in the dark for us all. When it comes to your health and fitness exercise is not the only contributing factor. Many times people wonder why CrossFit isn’t working. What I mean by “working” is not getting the results they want and not just in the form of weight lose, but strength building and overall performance. Our diets dictate so much more of our overall heath than we give it credit. Now does CrossFit help you get in shape yes it does, I firmly believe there is no other form of physical fitness that can transform a person physically and mentally like CrossFit.  What does it take to do this I am glad you asked. It takes a foundation built on a sensible diet and consistent exercise. 

It’s time you take control of your health and you have to make that decision to not blow it out every night after a hard WOD, because the burpees aren’t going to save you. I don’t program nearly enough in a week.
Don’t let all the small things in life keep you from the bigger picture your health and well being. CFV was built for you to make a difference in your life, I just unlock the door so you can kick it open!!

Have a great week


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