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MONDAY – 1.26.2015


MONDAY – 1.26.2015

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50 Mountain Climbers
40 Jumping Jacks
30 Squats
20 High Knees

With a Partner
6 Rounds
1 Rope climb
1 Sprint
15 Push Ups (Feet on plate)
*This is a race so get going!!!

5 Rounds
2 Min per round
200 M Run
AMRAP Front Squat 95/135#
Rest 1 Minute
*Work for your rest*

CFV, I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing this weekend was for our athletes at Fittest in OK. Coach Elly took 1st place in womens scaled, our team took 2nd in team scaled (Alaina, Haley, Carter, & Colby) Colby placed 8th in his and the gyms first ever showing in an RX division. Traver and Ryan both held their own in mens scaled finishing 15th and 37th. I couldn’t be any prouder than of these individuals who went out and fought hard in this competition. Watching them represent our gym and themselves was so much fun. Thank you to everyone who made it part of their weekend to come out and support and volunteer. I know each and everyone of them and especially me appreciates it!

If you are an athlete at CFV, know that you are part of something to be proud of. Not only do these individuals coach you and compete with you on a daily basis but they also go out and lay it on the line for competition. We have come so far in two years, from just a handful of us to a community where we have athletes placing in the top rankings at every competition.

I know that me and the other coaches at CFV strive to bring you the very best of us and our coaching abilities everyday. We want only the best for each and everyone of you, so next time you think its just another WOD remember what you are a part of and why you are there. To build yourself into a stronger you surrounded by like individuals that share your passion for competition, fitness, and a higher quality of life.

If you think you are ready to lay it on the line than warm up your jump ropes, tighten your shoes, and get some chalk because the date has been set for CrossFit Vital’s NewComers Open!!!! It’s back and going to be better than ever. If your familiar with this it’s a competition for those who have never competed before so start training now because April 18th will be here before you know it. I dont want to hear any excuses about Im not ready or I just can’t do that, you have over two and a half months to prepare. Besides YOU ARE READY AND YOU CAN DO IT. Start bringing yourself to the competitors class on Sundays @ 2:00pm I promise we don’t bite (much).

You all are the best have a great week and see you in the box!!



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