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MONDAY – 1.20.2014


MONDAY – 1.20.2014



10 Min EMOM
Power Clean @ 60% 1 Rep Max

10 Min AMRAP
1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 1:4, 1:5……ETC
Power Snatch 115/75#
Over Head Squat

L2 95/55#

L3 75/35#


Athletes I hope everyone had a great weekend!! From all the post’s on Facebook everyone had awesome cheat meals hahahah, I loved seeing all the posts about it. We had about 10 people go through the first On Ramp of the New Year. Let’s bring them into the fold and make them feel welcomed at CFV. Also, please help us your coaches during movements explanations and overview of the WOD by keeping the noise levels down. It’s respectful to the new athletes and your coaches. While some of us may have a good handle on the movements and how the WOD works, some of the athletes that will be in your classes will have just finished On Ramp. Lets not forget how we felt our first few weeks at CrossFit. Remember we use the PVC to finish warming up (injury prevention), and so that we have a better understanding of the movement we are about to perform under weight. We do these things to benefit you the athlete who comes to CFV with a purpose to build yourself physically and mentally. Have fun in the box, it should be a fun place where friends meet to sweat together, laugh together and push each other.


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