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Foods to Power Your Crossfit Training


Foods to Power Your Crossfit Training

When it comes to your Crossfit trainings, food has an important role. It helps you stay replenished and packed with the necessary nutrients to power up your body for your workouts. When your body has the right kind of nutrients like protein, you can more easily build muscle, stay energized, and reach your goals.

Why is it important to eat before you start working out?

Many who work workout usually limit their food intake, especially if they’re trying to lose weight. Though this may be a logical idea in theory, the truth it’s less about how much you eat and more about what you eat. For instance, pack in power foods rich in protein and stay away from too much sugar.

Aiming to loss weight shouldn’t stop you from eating before working out, as this will only cause your body to generate protein from your muscles. If this happens, your muscles will have less protein as fuel during intense training, which will diminish your progress. So, never go into a workout hungry.

Why is it crucial to eat after working out?

Replenishing your body with water after it loses a lot of fuel during the workout is crucial. But, water is not the only thing you need after your training. Your body needs to refuel itself. Your muscles have been broken down and have lost their glycogen storage. Within an hour of your training, you need to refill your body’s loss of nutrients with foods packed with protein and carbohydrates. This will help repair your muscles and keep your metabolism going quickly.

What are examples of Power Foods for your training?

Peanuts – high protein
Eggs – high protein
Almonds – good source of Vitamin E, can be combined with apple or banana
Cereal or oats – rich in carbohydrates, can fuel your muscles
Apple – contains quercetin that helps improve energy and metabolism
Raisins or dried blueberries –maintains blood sugar levels, rich in carbohydrates
Organic beef – contains saturated fats, cholesterol, and protein and can be taken during lunch or dinner.
Low-fat yogurt or Greek yogurt – contains protein and calcium

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