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CrossFit General Etiquette


CrossFit General Etiquette

Being inside a gym where you have the chance to enhance your body mentally and physically can be amazing! Even though it’s easy to get caught up in your WOD’s and goals, it is important to remember that you are still operating in a public environment, and there are certain rules of etiquette you should keep in mind while at the gym. CrossFit should be a positive experience, not one where people are getting into conflicts and clashing heads.

So, what is appropriate etiquette to follow inside a CrossFit gym?

  • Respect the zone of others. You may be in the middle of a goal-packed training, but others are also going through their own sessions. This creates “zones” and boundaries that trainers and trainees need to respect. Keep out of others’ zones when they are training. You can give them support, but never distract them.
  • Be social. Yes, talk with other trainees and trainers as well. Do not be shy or keep to yourself. Remember, CrossFit is a community where people socialize and support each other. By being social, you support others while getting the support you need.
  • Clean up after yourself. Don’t expect people to clean up your messes, especially the staff. Their job is to keep your training as efficient as possible, but not to the point that your activities destroy the environment for others. Put your things in their proper places. Clean up your own trash and respect the equipment.
  • Be on time. Strict timing is important in a CrossFit training, so stick to the time schedule. Never come late, or you may end up pay the penalty during training.
  • Respect your trainers. They are the ones who know what you need to do and what fits you. So, listen to them, take note of what they are saying, pay attention to their advice, and apply it.
  • Express yourself. Shout, scream, bleed, sweat, or whatever else you need to do to express your pain. Everyone goes through it, so they understand where you’re coming from. Just be yourself. It adds to the energy of the workout!

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