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More Donations Announced to Fund A Gathering Place for Tulsa


More Donations Announced to Fund A Gathering Place for Tulsa

Donations Announced to Fund Tulsa Gathering Place

Every community needs a place for citizens to relax, have fun, and bond with their family. Over the past year, Tulsa has been undergoing the largest public park project in the country, A Gathering Place. Backed by the George Kaiser Family Foundation, the project is augmenting existing Tulsa River Parks amenities and expanding them to create a larger urban wilderness area with a wide range of features for everyone to enjoy.

When finished, the park will cover almost 100 acres of land along the Arkansas River. There will be everything from sporting areas, lodges, and a boathouse to nature trails, cycling trails, and land bridges.

The George Kaiser Family Foundation recently announced 19 additional donations from companies, foundations, families, and individuals in Tulsa to provide additional funding for A Gathering Place. The collective donation is more than $14 million.

The new donation will be added to the total funds gathered for the project, which is now nearly $150 million. The George Kaiser Family Foundation has already contributed $50 million for the land and $150 million for the Phase 1 construction. Construction for Phase 1 will cover 66.5 acres of the total land and is expected to be completed in late 2017.

A list of new donors for A Gathering Place includes:

  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma: $1 million
  • D&L Oil Tools: $1 million
  • Darden Family Charitable Foundation: $25,000
  • Dekraai Family Foundation: $1 million
  • DTAG Legacy Fund/Scott and Vanessa Thompson: $1 million
  • Hale Family Foundation: $1 million
  • James M. Cox Foundation: $250,000
  • Kathy and Ed Leinbach: $50,000
  • Mabrey Bancorporation, Inc.: $250,000
  • Meinig Family Foundation: $1 million
  • Melton Truck Lines: $1 million
  • Mervin Bovaird Foundation: $2 million
  • Meshri Family: $500,000
  • Mike and Pat Case: $1 million
  • Moran Family Foundation: $250,000
  • Samson Resources: $50,000
  • The Fulton and Susie Collins Foundation: $1 million
  • The John T. and Julie Nickel Family: $1 million
  • The Judith & Jean Pape Adams Charitable Foundation: $1 million

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